How SEO Works

Anyone who claims to know exactly how Google's SEO algorithm works is a liar or a Google engineer. Google's PageRank Algorithm is constantly updated and tweaked in order to help user's find results that they need based on there search queries. Google also offers features like cards that help display your business's page in a user friendly way with user's not having to ever leave Google. The art of SEO changes with the tides but there a few things remain the same for as long as Google has existed

Page Rank

The Best way to describe Google's Page Rank Algorithm is to use a soccer field as a metaphor. Imagine a soccer field with a team of players. each teammate passes the ball to one another and that gives a teammate that receives the pass a point. However, some player's are better than other's, so there passes are worth more points. The more points a player receives, the more points his passes are worth and also it is more likely he will get passed to again in the future. This is a very rudimentary explanation for how backlinks work in SEO and still is the #1 most influential factor in PageRank. The more links that you have on the internet leading to your website, the higher your websites PageRank will rise. Getting links from websites with high PageRank will include your own websites page rank even further. Our Social Media Marketing and SEO combo package creates a strategy to build these backlinks to add PageRank Credibility to your website

Keyword Optimization

The golden age of keyword stuffing is over for SEO, however that does not mean that keywords are dead. Having a excellent website is meaningless without properly optimized keywords in order for it to attract the customers who are searching for the services that you offer. Adding keywords to your website is very much easier said than done. Blatantly stuffing your website with keywords can instead of increase your PageRank, result in a penalty and decreasing your PageRank an penalizing your page. These kind of penalties can take a very long time to recover from and often can be devastating to a SEO Campaign. Fortunately BVZZ Design Offers a Content Marketing Package to help you generate keywords to optimize your website, and valuable content and helpful posts about your business to encourage sharing and distribution of your website, which also aids in increasing page rank. Content Marketing is the latest and greatest form of advertisement and marketing yet. The beauty of Content Marketing is that you provide information for free, or helpful tips related to your business, and then offer additional services on top of these recommendations. These blog posts, info graphs, how to video's, etc. are designed to be helpful in a stand alone format, which encourages users to browse your site, or surf your content, and generating leads.

Image Optimization

Human beings love pictures. a large info graphic is much less intimidating than a wall of text. Pictures convey information much faster and more efficiently than text and are much preferred in this era of short attention spans. Also the effect your SEO in a very positive way! The more images that you can put on your website the better (usually) because each image can be named in accordance to important keywords and be given alt tags that also contain keywords that will help Google accurately index your site. Also when people search images related to your business they can now stumble upon your website as well!

Mobile Traffic and SEO

Google is very strict on enforcing mobile optimized web pages and will deliver harsh penalties to your PageRank if your website is not mobile compliant to Google's standards. You can check if your website is compliant here on Google's mobile site tester. All of BVZZ Designs's Websites conform to very very latest and cutting edge web standards in order to ensure the maximum use experience no matter what device a user views your page with. With 55% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, making sure that your website is not only compatible with mobile devices, but also responsive to them is of utmost importance, or else you will lose customers do to poor user experience and poor PageRank

SEO's constantly evolving landscape

Search Engine Optimization is a very careful game of cat and mouse between developer's and Google. Every day developer's try to reverse engineer the algorithm and generate more and more effective techniques to try to create a more and more optimized page for Google. And Google constantly tweaks, changes, and sometimes outright overhauls its methods for PageRank in order to give user's the best possible experience on their platform. This means that SEO is a constant work in progress and always has room for improvement. Whether it be a competing page, an update in the algorithm, or an unexpected penalty, improving your SEO is a daily and time consuming task. However, the time and energy produces significant results and makes the effort worthwhile for your business in the end. The longer that you avoid integrating SEO into your business, the more money you lose and closer you become to being obsolete in the digital age.