Advertise to gain revenue and followers

you can use your now popular social media platform to drop clever advertisements that have the ability to not only bring in customers, but can also offer incentive them to share your ad's with their friends. There friends may realize that you will add specials for your business on your social media, and then follow you. So you not only have created business with an ad, but gained more followers on your social media, who will share your ad more. Lets look at another example from Wendy's

This add uses a free giveaway in order to drive people to the fast food resteraunt, but a part of the ad is sharing it with their friends in order to qualify. This makes it more likely that there will attract more customers and those new customers can attract even more. The power of social media marketing lies in these feedback loops and takes a lot of your work out of your back and offloads it to your customers.

Targeted Advertisements

Facebook offers extremely fine tuned advertisement targeting features. you can get as accurate as a ad running for 25 - 30 year old woman, that work in bakerys, with a college degree, that are single, that like to dance, that go on facebook at night. its very effective for buisness's that have an ideal customer and that can bo buisness internationally.