Social Media Marketing and SEO

Social Media Marketing has a signifiacnt impact on your Search Engine Optimization. Having an active social media page with links pointing to your buisness website will greatly effect your ability to rank on Gppgle searches related to your buisness. This is true because of the way that Google's search algorithim works. For a better understanding of Google's Page Rank Algorithim and techniques used to your page take advantage of it click here. The basics of the algorithim is that links to your website on other websites are important and that some links are worth more than others. Google see's social media links as very important especially when shared by people other than the buisness that owns the domain. That means that convincing friends and family (at first) and organic followers to share the URL to your website or incentivising them to do so can quicky and significantly increase your Search Engine Optimization for a website. SEO is just as important as social media marketing for your buisness, if not more important in our digital age. Google is the highest viewed webpage in the world boasting a whopping 40,000 search queries a second. It is very important that your web page takes advantage of any and all of the tools available to make it more freindly to Google and other Search Engines in order for it to get the traffic that it deserves.

Using Social Media to Help Spread Content Marketing

Social Media can also be used to help share and distribute your content marketing as well. Content Marketing is the processs of producing and distributing informational, useful, and/or entertaing content in order to either promote your brand and/or create brand loyalty. The most common form of content maqrketing is blog posts. A great way to share blog post's is on your buisness social media page and having friends and family like and share your content that you post. The more like's and shares that you recieve the more exposure that your buisness gets and the more followers it will recieve. Facebook in 2008 surpassed 1 billion users, so even if only one in a million people like your article that you post onfacebook, that's still 1000 new customer's for your buisness.