Social Media Marketing is Beating Traditional Marketing and Advertising Platforms

Social Media Marketing is a long term marketing strategy, which makes it very ideal for established businesses. It pairs with other forms of marketing like fine wine, such as integrating your advertisement on the television or newspaper with a link to your social media page and website. The like or follow will provide you an opportunity to continually engage your customer over time instead of a one off ad that disappears after your money is spent. Social Media Marketing is also a great way to increase your overall SEO for your web page as it is a great way to create and distribute back links, which is the SEO equivalent to gold.

Social Media Marketing is much more finely targeted than traditional advertisement techniques. For example, many people are driving on a freeway and see your poster for your law agency that handles car wrecks and insurance claims. This includes senior citizens, soccer moms, other lawyers, politicians, etc. With a social media ad campaign you can target the most accident prone people in the world. Male teenagers are three times as likely to get in a accident as drivers over the age of 20. Men are also more likely to get a driving while intoxicated charge than any other group. It basically comes down to whether or not you are willing to advertise to the group of people that you want or whether or not you want to advertise to a group of people who most likely will not need your service and also not even pay attention to it. also there are much more people using Facebook daily alone that will see our ad then there are people driving down the highway, they will be more likely to need your service than a random person that is driving down a highway, and they will be more likely to use your service. the new generation of consumer's is more educated than they have been ever before, and they won't fall for the traditional methods of advertisements. It's extremely easy to bypass advertisement on most websites (even Youtube) so it's beginning to get harder and harder to interact with customers on line. Knowing that you have a business to run that is why that we offer program's in order to handle this for your.

Advertising on social media and social media marketing have interesting case with the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. . Baader - Meinhof is just a fancy way to say that at times you can learn about a thing or see a word such as "shark" and then you start seeing the word shark everywhere. Similar to where it's easier to recognize your own car in traffic or car's similar to it, but you don't notice car's that are unrelated. You can use this phenomenon to generate an artificial demand for your product if you know the right group that wants to see your advertisement band also the right way to go about sending it out into the Internet.