Social Media Marketing Explained

Social Media is one of those fastest growing platforms of the 21st century. Billions of page views and dollars are generated from social media alone. One Study shows that 50% of people spend more than 2 hours on social media every single day. It is extremely important not only have a Social Media Presence, but to use it to your advantage to generate leads and effectively advertise to your customers.

The social media landscape has changed over the past few years. Facebook has grown to 2 billion monthly users. That number is larger than the population of China. Twitter is reaching 330 million active users as well. Everyone uses social media to catch up with friends, family, coworkers, and possibly your business? You may yourself follow business's with social media profiles to keep regular updates on specials or because they are humorous. You could also be making social media impressions with your business with local and international communities with your social media profiles.

Reputation Management and handling bad feedback

Everyone in business receives bad reviews. No company, product or service is perfect every second of every day. however it can take one negative review or one person with a bad experience to seriously tarnish your companies image and it can spread more rapidly than ever before because of the Internet. Things will go viral for seemingly no reason at times and become wildly popular (or unpopular). Whole Foods is a fantastic example of this and is demonstrated with this tweet.

Whole Foods was able to have an easy to access platform for a customer complaint that did not require the customer to go through boring and complicated channels. The customer was already a member of Twitter and able to quickly express a problem to Whole Foods and they were able to correct the problem for them easily and it resulted in a satisfied customer. Social Media is great for creating a solutions platform for your customers in order to get accurate feedback and create a forum in which you can provide a channel of communication on the quality of your services. It also creates a positive image for you in the public eye.