Web Design and Implementation

The creation and implementation of a website is an important step as a business owner. Your website is your virtual first impression to many prospective customers. With a website, you have a unique opportunity to control the impression that people have on your business and feed content to your prospective customer's that you have optimized for them to see. A website also provides a platform for your business to be discovered on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Having a website coupled with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will give you a significant advantage over competing businesses when it comes to reaching customers. A website also creates a platform that gives your business the oppourtunity to be shared on social media. Social Media and Social Media Marketing are some of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Providing a landing page that can be shared on these platforms can be instrumental in the success of your business.

A website can also be used to create and secure a positive reputation for your business on online. When your business has no website to identify it, then third party websites and reviewers will dictate your business's presence and viability, instead of you doing it yourself. It is always more advantageous to be able to create your own first impression rather than another business (that may not have the best intentions) dictating it for you. A website is also the anchor to any sort of advertisement campaign you will ever conduct. People will forget your name, people will forget your phone number, people will forget your email, but they will Google your business and if you have no website to direct them to the information that they need, then you may as well throw your money into a dumpster. Before you even get business cards you should have a website.

Initial Creation

Time is of the essence when it comes to web creation. The sooner you launch your web page the sooner people will visit it. Also the longer a web page exists on the internet the more likely that Google will favor it in search results. Getting a basic page up and running is a primary goal in the creation of a website, and then adding additional features is a common development cycle for a website. A website can be as small as three pages or as large as a thousand, including text, images, ecommerce stores, blogs, applications and more. The modern web is full of infinite possibilities which makes it and exciting platform to promote your business

Reputation Management

A web page is mandatory when it comes to managing your business reputation. In a world of paid reviews and paid negative reviews in order to sabotage new business's, it's important that you can display a quality alternative medium for people to learn about your business instead of the sea of negativity on the web. You can think of a web page as a first impression in a job interview. A lazy, sloppily dressed, unprepared interviewee is not going to stand a chance against a well dressed, well prepared, articulate interviewee in a job interview. The same principles apply to your web page. Often times, first time visitors will have never seen or heard of your business before. The viewing of your web page will be their first exposure to the quality of work or expertise that you provide, and the amount of professionalism that you posses. a homemade or non professional website can easily do more harm than good and discredit an otherwise successful and quality business. You would never apply a 50% to a face to face first impression and you shouldn't do it on the internet either.

The same principle can work in reverse as well. A new and budding business can be legitimized by a professional and well designed website. A well designed website that easy to use and aesthetically pleasing creates a confidence in a consumer and trust that allows them to more easily consider doing business with you, compared to hastily put together page that screams amateur or that "I made this myself"

Search Engine Optimization

Google has been such a dominating force on the internet that the companies name is now a verb. To Google something is such a commonplace thing we at times can fail to realize that a company is providing a service for us and there are method to its delivery. The techniques to create a web page that is designed to optimally satisfy a search engine to show it on a search is called Search Engine Optimization. Before you can even start Search Engine Optimization however you need to have a web page. There are two kinds of websites in this world. Websites designed with SEO in mind, and websites that do not get traffic. That is why BVZZ Design makes sure to keep up to date with all of latest and greatest practices of web design and SEO to ensure that your site is designed to easily recognizable by search engines, and also to rank well compared to competing sites. Every part of a BVZZ Design's websites infrastructure is designed with SEO in mind making it easy for it to be optimized further, and successful "out of the box". Plain BVZZ Design Websites often rank better than other plain websites without any addition of SEO at all.

SEO can also be applied to an existing website as well. If you have a website that has not been ranking well with Google or other search engines, our SEO experts can go under the hood of your page and build a SEO infrastructure in the matter of weeks. No matter what platform, or what service is used for your existing website, our experts can dice deep into your website and create a much more optimal page for search engines often very easily, provided they have access to the websites source code. Also make sure you ask about special offers and deals for switching your existing website over to BVZZ Design. Often BVZZ Design can offer a complete redesign and SEO at very competitive prices for existing pages. It also makes future maintenance much quicker and easier when switch over to our services.

Why a website is not only a perfect compliment to an advertisement campaign, but imperative to one

Any advertisement campaign is designed to draw customers to your business. However ad's can short, seen in passing, mishear, partly heard, etc. There is no such thing as a perfect ad. however a common thing to do after you hear an ad hat peaks your interest is to Google the ad. If you have no destination online for a customer to receive the information that he or she needs, then you may as well save your money on the advertisement. Before you even hand out business cards you should have a website. a website is always open 24/7, easy to find, and optimally provides a wealth of information for a potential customer or client. A good website is easy to find on a search engine in case a prospective customer or client loses your business card. A well made web page is a great thing to direct a potential customer to in the form of an advertisement, because there is virtually no situation in which that they can not instantly visit the page after seeing the ad and see what your company is about. No one is going to interrupt a football game with a phone call, but they may quickly check a web page and see services that your roofing service provides, and schedule a meeting online during a commercial break.

A website also allows you to be able to use a company email address which will add legitimacy to your business, because nothing screams small time like a gmail email address (unless you work at Google of course). A Facebook page alone is not enough in the modern world when it comes to your online presence, because a competitor with an optimized web page will always beat out your Facebook on a Google search query related to your services.